Sunday, June 01, 2008

Six Things About Me (I was tagged recently*)

I was tagged by LuLu, who lives here. This means that I have to disclose six (6) things about myself. My response was sluggish, but I am currently experiencing a higher than average volume of calls. Okay, six things:

#1. I digress.

#2. I am a genius. Behold: Looks tough?

And two short weeks later?...

Exactly - an entirely different configuration.

#3. You will not hear me say in an effort to clarify matters, "Well, it is what it is".

#4. I am okay with Mathematics, but counting is not my forte.

#5. I readily admit to being a bit of a pack rat, but who can blame me for having amassed two and a half drawers full of these?

#6. I have these:

And I got the last two.

#7. My wife and I are of two minds.


There, all done. Six things.

* March 5, 2008



LuLu said...

Your Rubik's cube genius knows no bounds ... I R impressed! It would've taken me at least three weeks to reach that new configuration. Then I would've gotten pissed off, taken the damn thing apart and put it back together so that all sides were solid colours.

And no, that's not cheating ... that's brilliant.

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

Well Lulu, I also would have been pissed, but a hammer would take care of it for me.....
And I know on very good authority that Crabby can really do the Cube!!
And how do 8 known facts add up to 6?
However, I am impressed -
you met God?
I've never!!!!!

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

Where are you Crabby???