Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yay, Mother!

My mother is not all that happy about all this delicately worded non-denominational business around Christmas.

Festive Season my ass”, she barks. “It’s Christmas!! Okay??"

She’s sending out a card that she created herself this year, shown above, to let folks know just how she feels.

I've never been prouder.


Nicole said...

Well, I feel like Tiny Tim as I have witnessed a miracle...
he IS alive and he ACTUALLY posted something new!!!

God bless us one and all!!!!

Crabgrass said...

I know, it's been sparse, to put it mildly. Or would that be such an exaggeration as to be an absolute misstatement?

But I'm still alive. Kind of preoccupied with this little convention in Montreal at the moment...

Nicole said...

Kind of preoccupied with this little convention in Montreal at the moment...

oh god.....stifles tears from the massive yawns....

I thought you were kinda hot in a mysterious, musician sort of way. I mean, anyone who is birthed by MMCA has got to have some cool, sexy genes in them....

the above statement KILLED that thought, I am crushed.

Crabgrass said...

Well, maybe I'm like a male version of a smouldering librarian.

Please understand - I wasn't preoccupied with politics until neo-conservatives took office here.

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

I'm on my way to Montreal to teach those Quebecois the facts regarding their 'nation'within a nation problem. What was Stephan H.thinking when he came up with that stupid plan?
Oh well, it's Advent, and we must start thinking about the birth of you know who -
Joy to the World and all that stuff ..........
The Little Drummer Boy ..........
And Mary.
Do you like my card - maybe it should have a star on it ?????
I'll think on it ........

ANNA-LYS said...

*wave my hand*

AnaLyze that!

ANNA-LYS said...

Unfortunately, no picture enter my screen only a huge white spot!
But, still I am convinced that you should always be proud of your mother!!!

FANCY said...

*LOL*...just be happy and love her for that...*s*...


Anonymous said...

Gotta love Anna-lys and that Fancy girl!!!!!!!!!!
They know how to treat a mother.
And I agree - you must always be proud, no matter what the situation!!
You need to do some posting here Crabgrass - OK? We like your card, now how about some music.

Nicole said...

Hey, did the girls sweet-talk you into the tree, or what?
You were supposed to get back to me!

Crabgrass said...

Oh my, Nic. I forgot. There was some serious lobbying for the tree just today, but the weekend was pretty quiet. We've agreed to put it off until my younger daughter's birthday party, which takes place Saturday. I've made the agreement to get the tree this coming Sunday.

Anonymous, you sound familiar.

Nicole said...

tree is decorated. Posted a pic

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

In case anyone is interested - my tree is still in the basement in three pieces. It calls to me everytime I wander by, but I have been ignoring the pleas. If I put it out on display, I shall NOT take it down, but rather leave it, fully dressed for yet another of presentatiion. What do you think?

Nicole said...

Crabby and MMCA, I had Sara post a pic of Ozzy O.

MMCA, remember when you said you wouldn't hurt Crabby's cats.....tell me you couldn't hurt this sweet angel either!!

Come and look.

heh!!! Crabby, bet ya have always wondered how long it would take for me to ask you to come and look at pics of my CAT!!!! :)

Crabgrass said...

Mother Mary Carol Anne, I was considering leaving the outdoor Christmas lights up all year by the time I was done setting them up the other day.

Nicole, I am most eager to check out your CAT.

Nicole said...

Crabby, I think MMCA is hinting that you should go and set up her tree.

Keep up with the neglect and I am claiming MMCA for myself.

MMCA, I'll be good to you...just dress warm. It has been ungodly cold here!!!

Nicole said...

Crabby...you are bad news!!!

and bad is GOOD!!!

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

OZZY O IS definitely on the list of 'the sweetest' of cats. This has to be a girl cat -'cause she is so cute!!
Crabby's cat,'Daisy', is also a real cutie -
Siam is ugly and biggggggggggg -and totally frustrated as the pond is a sheet of ice. He tried skating yesterday, he really does need some tranquillizers..
Your tree is beautifully decorated Nicole - I love it!!!

Nicole said...

MMCA, no Ozzy is a male...
both cats are. I also have a black one, but he is the true angel...he never does anything bad.

Ozzy is too cute for his own good though...I could just hug and squeeze him up, he is so cute.

Isn't Puck cute? You mention Daisy, well Puck's feelings are going to get hurt!

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

Hi Nicole ---
Don't want to offend Puck, you are so right - he is a black beauty, a little standoffish,very selective,and he loves ME!!!
Preferring the great outdoors,he's seldom in the confining indoor area,but he always acknowledges my presence with some cat like move,you know - a blink, a purr, or a slinky move on my left leg.
He is indeed a good kitty!!!
I'm off to look for the greatest Xmas gift ever - snorkels - out of season, I know, guess that is why I am having so much trouble locating said gift! The cold waters of Georgian Bay beckon all who dare, to explore the underwater mansion of the locale,
and most everyone needs these stupid looking goggles and little pipe so they can breathe.
i'M ON A MISSION today -
No. Crabby is not on this list!!!
Let it snow!!

Crabgrass said...

Red is my favourite colour for a convertible.

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

"Red is my favorite colour ..."
Don't you just wish???

Nicole said...

Hey, I want in on the red convertable ride...wouldn't that be fun???!!!

Here in FUN Saskatchewan, it does get pretty windy...what's the wind like your way?

Too bad we can't pick MMCA up in a red con. and take her out for lunch for her birthday!!!

ANNA-LYS said...

My hair is red :-P

Just to remind you of some small nature beauty around the world ;-)

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