Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Position on Same Sex Marriage


Yes, I'm bored with the discussion. It can't hurt, and one would hope that the folks hired to run our country can see that.


Nicole said...

you just couldn't resist could you... my fellow pot-stirer :-)

Crabgrass said...

All the other kids are doing it!

You're right. How could I resist?

Anonymous said...

What am I missing here? Great picture - but my senses do not register any clear conviction as to what exactly is going on - is it a flag, representing something, a Logo that I am not familiar with??

Crabgrass said...

My intent was to suggest that it's time to tune out, kind of like, "we now conclude our programming for the day." Then the infinite beep tone.


Anyway, if you're actually wondering, I think SSM is fine.

ANNA-LYS said...

Could you translate this post, please.
I guess its a great hit ;-)

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

Hey Crabby -
Same sex marriage - welllllllllllllll - haven't quite come to a decision on this one,it/s not real big on my agenda - let's give the politicians something else to screw up -
Hope your doggie is ok -

ANNA-LYS said...

ummm I would prefer to see
what's underneath the tree

Merry Christmas 2 U

Nicole said...

Merry Christmas Crabby and family!
{ even though you disappointed me with NO Christmas tree post like promised!
sighs ( shakes head...) maybe next year!!! ;-)

Hope Santa is good to you know who...all 5 of them.

Give MMCA a Christmas kiss for me too!

ANNA-LYS said...

This blogpost is rather crabby Mr Crabgrass, but I am looking forward to next years postings inhere ;-)

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...


FANCY said...

If the subjekt is marriage, and the object have to stand in that position
the whole time. OMG is it really only sex marriage, I would do a lot more then beeeeeeep...*LOL*...

Nicole said...

looks like you have been deleting again...hmmm if you have time to delete, then you should have time to make a new post. This is old news....sooooo last year!!
It's 2007, Baby!!!!

Crabgrass said...

Wow, Nic. You're good. I know I need to post soon.

I did take out a couple of comments that I thought had sort of been orphaned, but not if it meant eliminating a person from the thread. At least I hope that's what I did.

vranac said...

You did say pretty much, in a few words, in your post but Nicole is right it’s time for renewal :-)

ANNA-LYS said...


I love your new blogpost ... I mean every time it gives me new associations (no way ... you don't wanna know!)
Anyhow, would a glass of Champange get You on a new track?



PS Thanks for keeping me informed, before!! DS


Anonymous said...

This Blog really sucks - come to the new world baby - 2007!!!!
We don't care about 'same sex marriage' - Xmas is over - your mother is with it - what the hell is wrong with you??

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

Crabby -
How about a Hockey blog -
Football??? Soccer???
How about multi-culturalsim - is it workin? Where? Why?
How about do you agree that the most popular DOG is the Labrador
Retriever? No? Why? How about anything? No? Why?
Quit playing Hockey, and start blogging!!!!

Nicole said...

for the record, the anon is NOT know how much I detest anon'

I just noticed that they sort of copied some of my words.

Crabgrass said...

Nicole said...
"for the record, the anon is NOT moi..."

Oh, I can believe that. I'm pretty sure I know this anon very very well. Can you guess, Nic?

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...


You Got me!!!!!

:-) MCA

Nicole said...

I should have known!!! and once again...MMCA is RIGHT!!!

can you believe Omar and!!!
I would be so very pissed, but if I was the one stomping off in the does souns appealing!!!

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

Hi Nic -
Yes, Omar has a unique way to settle a conflict - a bit costly -but original!!!
Can't fool Crabby-he's on to me!!
I'm working on a new identity which perhaps will cause him to wonder - we'll see!
Oh- look at the time - this machine has taken over my life...

Ice said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear, CG, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Paddy wacks?
How old is ya? How many blows?

Nicole said...

He is 45 I think??!!

Have a great day!!
Happy Happy Birthday!!!
enjoy your RibFEST!!!!!


Ps...PLEASE don't tell me if you had to wear a bib either....\
secret's in the sauce you know!!!!

Crabgrass said...

Thanks for the song, Ice!

Nicole's right. 45.

Don't slap me too hard.