Friday, February 09, 2007

Steve Harley - Make Me Smile


Nicole said...

That song makes me smile!!

I am also willing to admit that I found him rather sexy...reminds me of a 70's Butch Walker.


Crabgrass said...

Yes, it's a groovy old song. I'm not sure about his hair.

Nicole said...

I didn't really pay attention to his hair....was it 70's mulletish???
I sure noticed his mouth and his nice big teeth...his mouth passes the kissable test!! :)

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

Now that's a fun piece of music - He's almost as cute as you!!
Nicole - I just learned that the only "Speaker's Corner" in Canada is in Regina, Sask.
Have you ever taken advantage of it, gracing the world with your opinions on the "New World Order" or some other controversial topic?That's interesting, don't you think? Imagine, there isn't one in big Toronto, Ottawa, or even Windsor. Imagine that!!!


Nicole said...

No, MMCA, I wasn't aware that Regina had a Speaker's Corner....but it sure makes sense!

With the months of -40 weather temps that we endure, I bet that there is not too many getting up on the soapbox, and come the nice weather, it is just so utterly beautiful here, that people are to mellow in the summer.

I will make a note of this, and try to locate where it is...and when it gets nice out again, will consider giving a rant in your honour MMCA.
any suggestions?
Pet control...UFO sightings, you let me know!!! :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Happy St. Valentines Day CG

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

Let me know when the weather breaks, and I will join you, and together we will critique Barry Lando's new book "Web of Deceit-
The History of Western Complicity in Iraq,from Churchill to Kennedy to George W.Bush". Sounds like a good subject for a 'Speaker's Corner' debate, don't you just think? Will we get out alive - that will be the challenge!!!
Happy Valentine's Day Nic -
MMCa :-)

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

Anna-lys and Crabby -

Nicole said...

Happy Valentines to you too Crabbyass!!!

from your Harlot friend :)

Nicole said...

MMCA, I will definitely keep you posted on the weather....but I am thinking it might be for the best you don't come out and join me...I might want to keep you...Crabby would get jealous...he already calls me terrible names...I am too delicate and fragile to even imagine what he would call me next if I never returned you to him!!!

Nicole said...

Crabby, the word verification is a HUGE pain in the ass!!

if you get spammed, you can just delete it.
If you gets comments that look like can always ask

Who the----
but then you will get told you are being nasty...and only certain peoples get too be nasty in the blog world it appears.....

Nicole said... took 4 tries to get that comment on here...

gggrrrrrr to word ver.

FANCY said...

Thanks Crabgrass for your comment,
Hope you have a great valentines day...and night...;-)))

ANNA-LYS said...


Sorry missed your question before :-/

The maple leaf flag was raised for the first time 15 February, 1665 in Ottawa. That that and flag has since the been the National Flag Day of Canada.


I am a Swede telling YOU folks from Canada!!! :-))

(( Love ))

ANNA-LYS said...

YOU make me smile :-)

ANNA-LYS said...

.. and that's not because You don't have a blogroll named "Swedish Attractions" ;-)

FANCY said...

Well I start crying, the mowie will not work for me...AND I WANT TO LAUGH TOOOOOOOOOOOOO