Thursday, March 29, 2007

________ Hunters and Collectors ________ Throw Your Arms Around Me

I never get tired of this song.


grasshopper said...

Not bad at all. I like it :-)

grasshopper said...

"technical problem"
Once again
Not bad at all. I like it :-)

Mother Mary Carol Anne said...

That's an interesting song, are they from Toronto? I like it too!Will I ever be able to install that sort of thing on my pathetic blog - I need your expertise here.
Hi G/H -

Crabgrass said...

Hi, MMCA!!

They're from Australia. This was recorded in 1986. I can not explain why he's strumming his telecaster while the music is just bass & drums.

KEvron said...

serendipity! human frailty is one of my all-time faves! found this clip on youtube about a month ago, then later it was removed. only live clips (ehh, okay, i guess) and the redux version (blecch!) are available for viewing now. thanks for having such swell tatse!


KEvron said...

....and a quick duck into youtube reveals the clip is back in rotation. heh.

KEvron, and a dollar short